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Arms Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted arm hair can be unattractive and unsightly, causing many people to be insecure about their appearance. Traditional remedies, such as shaving or waxing offer only a short-term solution to the problem. In many cases, by the time the irritation of waxing or shaving has passed, the problem hair has begun to return.

Laser hair removal now offers a lasting solution to unwanted arm hair. The pulses of light from the laser target the hair follicles, damaging the hairs at their roots. This causes the hair to fall out—and shocks the follicles into a new resting period, during which new hair doesn’t grow. Much of the hair never grows back. Those hairs that do return are typically much thinner in diameter—and, thus, less noticeable.

Most people receive lasting results in 4 to 6 treatments and with typically less pain or discomfort than waxing. Treatments are usually over in less than one hour. The length of your sessions will depend on your hair thickness and density, the surface area being treated, and other factors.

Annual maintenance treatments may be needed to ensure the hair doesn’t grow back. Consult with a physician prior to receiving treatment. He or she will evaluate your skin and hair type and answer your questions about the laser hair removal procedure and its potential benefits for you.

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