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EmSculpt NEO in Lorton, VA

Have you grown tired of hiding your body under baggy and unflattering clothes? If you have issues with the way your body looks, you might hesitate to show it off. At Metropolitan Medspa, we’re in the business of helping our patients feel better about themselves. We offer innovative aesthetic solutions to help you become your best self, both inside and out.

We’re incredibly proud to be among the pioneer aesthetic clinics offering EmSculpt NEO in Lorton, VA. EmSculpt NEO is a premier body contouring procedure that builds muscle while also eliminating fat, giving you two excellent benefits for the price of one.

EmSculpt NEO improves on EmSculpt, its predecessor, and is safe, non-invasive, and ideal for both men and women who desire to tone their bodies while also reducing excess fat. It also helps to kick-start weight loss!

How EmSculpt NEO Works

EmSculpt NEO utilizes radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies to induce powerful muscle contractions to help patients to lose belly fat. These contractions break down fat cells while also strengthening the muscles, resulting in a more defined body.

One EmSculpt NEO session lasts 30 minutes on average. You require approximately six sessions over the course of 3 weeks and then two maintenance sessions after 6 to 8 weeks to realize ideal results and weight loss. However, since every patient is unique, our doctor will advise you on the number of treatment sessions required to lose belly fat and to achieve your dream body.

The EmSculpt NEO Patient Experience

Patients who would like to tone their abdomen and buttock areas are welcome to experience EmSculpt NEO at Metropolitan Medspa. Before you begin your session, our body contouring specialist will evaluate you comprehensively to gather relevant information that’ll go into your treatment plan.

During an EmSculpt NEO treatment session, our body contouring specialist straps the EmSculpt contouring device onto your abdomen or buttocks. This device sends high-intensity focused energy to your muscles. You’ll feel as if you’re experiencing an intense workout. There is no pain involved. You’ll only feel the tingle of the rhythmic contractions as the device sends energy pulses through your body.

Are you tired of insanely restrictive diets and frustrating gym sessions that yield no results or any weight loss? Would you like to contour your body without going under the knife to lose belly fat? Get in touch with Metropolitan Medspa today to experience cutting-edge body sculpting technology and a faster way to weight loss.

New! FDA-cleared, non-invasive body sculpting treatment.

Say hello to improved muscle strength and definition!

What is it? EmSculpt Neo is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive body sculpting treatment that combines the power of two technologies, radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy, to break down fat and strengthen and tone various body areas.

As we age, we may notice a sudden increase in lower abdominal fat and a decrease in muscle mass. EmSculpt Neo is the first non-invasive body sculpting treatment offering simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a combined 30-minute session. This innovative treatment is a clinically proven, effective, and safe treatment option.

Treatable concerns

✓ Reduces /Eliminates excess fat
✓ Builds muscle

Treatable areas

✓ Abdomen
✓ Arms
✓ Buttocks
✓ Thighs
✓ Calves


One EmSculpt Neo treatment session can typically be achieved in about 30 minutes, or on a lunch break. Many patients will start to see results in about 3 weeks, but optimal results can be expected in approximately 3 months. For best results, 4-6 sessions, or a full treatment package, are recommended. Routine maintenance is also recommended, and your HerMD healthcare professional will carefully design your unique, ongoing treatment plan with you in mind.

At HerMD, you have the option to add a Morpheus8 body treatment to your Emsculpt Neo package! We love this combination of treatment because the Morpheus8 Body system is effective for skin tightening, fat-melting, as well as treating cellulite and sagging skin. Combined, these treatments reduce fat, enhance definition, and reduce skin laxity!


Not everyone is a candidate for treatment with EmSculpt Neo. This treatment is NOT recommended for those who have electronic (cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, neurostimulators) or metal implants, any type of implanted pumps, or copper IUDs. EmSculpt Neo is not a weight loss treatment. For optimal results, treatments are only appropriate for those with a BMI of 18-35. Your provider will conduct a thorough discussion with you prior to receiving treatment with EmSculpt Neo, to ensure you are an appropriate candidate for this treatment.

On the day of your EmSculpt Neo treatment, your provider will conduct a final review of the treatment and answer any remaining questions you may have. Before each treatment, you must be weighed and have your water intake measured. The recommended water percentages are >40% for women and >50% for men. Treatment may not be administered if these thresholds are not met.

If your provider has determined you are a candidate for treatment with EmSculpt Neo,

Please be sure to adhere to the following pre-treatment instructions:

* On the day before your scheduled treatment, drink at least 2 liters of water.
* On the day of your scheduled treatment, drink at least 1 liter of water.
* Remove all metal accessories, such as jewelry, watches, or clothes containing metal threading.
* To ensure the treated area(s) is clean prior to the procedure, shower or bathe the morning of the procedure.
* To avoid excessive sweating, trim or clip any hair in the treatment area(s).
* Avoid using creams, lotions, and other products that may cause an interaction with the treatment technology.
* Refrain from alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to treatment.
* Wear comfortable clothing on the day of your treatment, such as those which are comfortable and will promote flexibility.

What to expect day of treatment:

During each treatment, you will lay in a position suitable for the device to target the treatment area(s). The EmSculpt Neo technology will be delivered to these area(s). You may experience slight discomfort during treatment, which should resolve over time. You should not experience pain during the treatment.

Post Treatment

* Most people can expect to resume normal activities shortly after treatment.
* Mild soreness, redness, and discomfort are a common side effect after treatment with EmSculpt Neo, but typically resolve quickly.
* Refrain from alcohol consumption for 24 hours after your treatment. Stay hydrated.

How much / how many sessions will I need?

For best results, 4-6 sessions, or a full treatment package, are recommended. Routine maintenance is also recommended, and your HerMD healthcare professional will carefully design your unique, ongoing treatment plan with you in mind.

Is EmSculpt Neo painful? Is there any downtime?

No. There may be slight discomfort during the treatment period, however, this shouldn’t last.

When will I see the results and how long will they last?

Many patients will start to see results in about 3 weeks, but optimal results can be expected in approximately 3 months. Results will last if you continue to eat well, drink plenty of water, and exercise on your own.

Is there anyone this service is not recommended for?

This treatment is not recommended for anyone with metal implants in the area, pacemakers, any type of implanted pumps, or copper IUDs. Additionally, it is only FDA-approved for patients with a BMI of 18-35.

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